What are you getting your Techie for Valentine's day?

What are you getting your Techie for Valentine’s day?

If you’re coming across this article, you’re like the majority of us who are still scrambling to find the perfect gift for our loved ones this Valentine’s Day. But with just a little bit of time left until you’ll find yourself on the spot, what are you going to get for that special techie in your life? Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, this is an opportunity for you to splurge on a few new, fun things for your loved one, or even yourself. Here are some Valentine ’s Day gift ideas and a gift buying guideline for the technology guru you call your own.

How do we even begin?

This Valentine’s Day, we’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t looking to “wow” their significant other with their gift giving. We all want to see our partner’s eyes pop and glisten upon opening their gift. However, you need to make sure your spouse is receiving the ideal gift for them as an individual. Tailor your tech gifts to their specific interests, whether they’re interested in a new laptop, smartphone accessory, or the newest and coolest technology on the market. Don’t be afraid to ask your special someone what they’re going to purchase in the future. Perhaps they are due for an upgraded desktop computer, or maybe they just want a fun, new toy. Either way, you won’t know unless you ask.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the ability to drop any amount of money on a gift this Valentine’s Day. Many of us might be scrambling to find the perfect gift at the right price. While we need to keep our budgets in mind, it’s almost a given that you will spend more than you desire to for your techie’s gift. Shop around for the perfect gift that shows your valentine how much you care for them, without destroying your bank account in the process. With a tech gift, you have to remember, you’re not purchasing a gift solely for Valentine’s Day, but rather, you’re purchasing a gift your spouse can use for years to come.

To the gifts

Now that we’ve covered how to go about finding the perfect techie Valentine’s Day gift, here are some great gift ideas for your loved one.

Save your memories, and favorite shows, with Roku

The Roku line of digital media receivers provides you with an extremely easy-to-use streaming TV tuner. With millions of satisfied customers, Roku offers over 700 channels, along with thousands of movies and television shows, for you to explore with your loved one. Not only will they jump for joy having the ability to watch nearly anything they could ever desire, but you can use this Valentine’s Day gift with your partner on any cold, rainy night when you want nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch. With your techie’s new Roku, you’ll have an endless stream of entertainment to keep your spouse happy throughout the year.

Game it up with Sony

Sony’s 500GB Playstation 3 Instant Game Collection Bundle is another “geeky” Valentine’s Day gift that can be used and enjoyed throughout the year. This Playstation 3 bundle includes a white, 500GB unit, controller, and a one year subscription to PlayStation Plus, allowing you and your techie access to free games for an entire year. Better yet, your hard drive is large enough to store all of the games you both love without any issues. Every time your significant other turns on their PS3, you’ll come to mind as a smile comes across their face. Add some excitement to your techie’s Valentine’s Day with a chocolate PS3 controllerfor that extra “wow” factor this Valentine’s Day.

Buy her flowers that will last forever

Roses are nice, but they, like all flowers, wither and wilt, leaving a nice, dead centerpiece for you to display on your dining room table. No longer do we have to give the technological ladies in our lives a gift that will die in a few days. Turn her desk into a useful garden with the USB Tulip Hub. This hub includes four USB high-speed ports, each encased in a beautiful red flower. Whether your techie is an Apple or PC lover, the USB Tulip Hub is the perfect floral arrangement for your spouse this Valentine’s Day.

Give your partner your heart, and some storage

Nothing says “the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift” like a USB thumb drive, especially when that USB drive is shaped like a heart. Coming from GeekStuff4U, this heart-shaped USB thumb drive will provide your techie with 2GB of storage. Purchase this cute thumb drive for your techie and personalize it. Add pictures, love notes, and songs to the drive before presenting it to your partner. Available in three Valentine’s Day-inspired colors, you’re sure to knock this Valentine’s Day out of the park by giving your spouse your heart.

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