Fake wall outlet to hide moneySometimes you want to have cash around the house so that it easy to access, however, you don’t want just anyone to be able to find it. Perhaps you have found your own hiding places over the years, but are they as safe as you would like them to be? Here is a list of some of the best places to hide money around the house using products that you can purchase that blend into any houses decor.

Free options for hiding money

Inside a tennis ball: When was the last time you looked for a tennis ball canister to find money? Never would be my guess. Slice an opening just big enough to be able to slide bills in and out. Then place the ball back in the canister with the regular tennis balls. Of course, if you don’t have other sporting it might appear strange if you have just a collection of tennis balls.

On the bottom of a dresser drawer: You might think this is too obvious and that the money will be found easily. That might be true if you just placed the money at the bottom of your sock drawer. Instead, tape an envelope underneath the drawer. People could rummage through your socks all day long and they will never find your envelope.

Under your mattress: This is a common place to hide money. Perhaps so common that it would be the first place someone would look. But it is better than having your money out in the open.

In a empty frozen food container: Empty out your Lean Cuisine box and turn it into a safe within your freezer. The money will be cold when you go to use it but it will be safe.

Inside a curtain rod: Many curtain rods have ends that detach. If that is the case for your curtain rods, then take the ends off, roll the money with a tight rubber band, insert it into the end and put the cap back on.

Products that you can buy to hide money in

Fake Electrical Wall Outlet: I had one of theses when I was younger. It was a slick place to hide money, however, just make sure to get one that matches the color of the rest of your wall outlets.

Coca Cola Stash Can: This is another great way to hide your cash but only if you’re a Coca Cola drinker. Also, make sure that it matches your other coke cans otherwise it might be a dead giveaway that it is not supposed to be there and draw someones attention.

Barbosol Can Safe: Since everyone except “Powder” has to shave on a regular basis, almost everyone has had a Barbasol can at one point. This could be a great way to hide money in your bathroom. Just hope that one of your guests doesn’t try to shave, finding the canister is empty and ends up throwing it away.

Ajax Diversion Can Safe: If you want to hide cash under the sink then this is a great option. Just remember to actually have another cleaner on hand in case you really need to clean something.

Pringles Can Diversion Safe: This would be a tough sell for me because if I had a can of Pringles in my cupboard it would be hard to tell our guests, “Sorry you can’t eat those Pringles, I am saving those for a special occasion.” But if you don’t have a lot of guests then maybe this could still be a good option for you.

Hair Brush Stash Safe: An actual safe that is functional. It brushes hair and stores cash. Brilliant.

Dictionary Diversion Book Safe: Want to hide your cash in your books like Andy did from Shawshank Redemption? Here is your chance.

Wall Clock Safe: This might be a good option if you don’t want to access the money you are hiding too often. If you do hang up this clock, you might need to get a step ladder to retrieve your cash, however, it will not likely be a hiding spot that gets discovered.

What other ways to hide money around the house have you heard of?

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