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Best 800 Number Services for Small Businesses

Posted by on 3:30 am in Business, Career | 0 comments

Have you thought about getting an 800 number for your business? 800 numbers might seem like they’re out of reach for a small business, but really they can be an affordable option for any viable business, provided they choose the right company and the right plan. Today we’ll compare four different companies that offer 800 numbers for small businesses, and we’ll talk about whether or not an 800 number might be right for you and your business. Your 800 Number Choices There are many companies that offer 800 numbers to businesses, but today we’ll...

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How One Guy Paid off $10,000 in Debt and Got His Self-Esteem Back

Posted by on 3:30 am in Debt | 12 comments

How did you acquire “$10,000” in debt? What did that debt consist of? The $10,000 was all credit card debt. I got into it starting my sophomore year of college. It wasn’t because I was “bad” with money, but I had my first girlfriend and I had low self-esteem. I thought the only way to love her was to buy her love. So I took her to dinners and bought her things that I really couldn’t afford. That debt stayed with me through graduation. My plan was to get a great paying job and become financially successful. But at the time (back in the early...

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You Can Learn to Do it Yourself

Posted by on 3:30 am in Saving Money | 13 comments

We all know that learning to do-it-yourself can save thousands of dollars in nearly any arena of life.  Whether it’s on home repairs, car repairs or nearly anything else, if you’re willing to take the time to learn how to DIY it, not only are you teaching yourself a valuable skill, but your bank account will show the rewards of your efforts in fine form. Overcome Fear and Learn to Do it Yourself Many people don’t feel that they’re “cut out” to DIY, and I get that.  My husband is the perfect example of...

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How One Guy Paid Off an $86,000 Mortgage Loan in Only Two Years

Posted by on 3:30 am in Debt | 7 comments

What did it feel like to have $86,000 in mortgage debt? I suppose it didn’t feel bad to have $86,000 in mortgage debt. I certainly could afford my $625 a month mortgage payment. In fact, I had a lot of money to spare at the end of the month. With my savings account earning next to nothing, I chose to prepay the mortgage because I knew it would save me thousands of dollars in interest payments. How were you able to pay it all off in only 2 years? My original goal was to pay off my mortgage in 5 years. I was able to speed up the process by...

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WKW 45: Finding, Buying, Selling the Right Business with Ace Chapman

Posted by on 3:30 am in Career, Podcast | 0 comments

If you’re not afraid of taking risks, want to be your own boss and can take on the challenges that entrepreneurship will throw your way, then business ownership may be for you. It can be highly profitable and many people have found success in this field but there are also others who have met failure and wished they had learned some things beforehand. In this episode we have Ace Chapman; a micro private equity investor who has bought and sold over a dozen offline businesses in the last decade. Here we discuss everything from what to look for...

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