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How One Woman Overcame Cancer and Conquered Her Debt

Posted by on 3:30 am in Debt | 7 comments

How did you acquire $41,000 in debt? What did that debt consist of? Initially when we decided we wanted to become debt-free our total debt was $25,000, which consisted of a $10,000 student loan, $10,000 car payment and 2 credit cards that amounted to $5,000. Prior to really analyzing our finances we never considered ourselves in debt, because we had what seemed like “normal” debt. However, once we woke up and acknowledged that we were truly in debt we immediately decided to formulate a game-plan on how to rid ourselves of that financial...

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The Zero Sum Budget: How it Can Help You Become Wealthy

Posted by on 3:30 am in Budget | 4 comments

One of my favorite tools in the world of budgeting is called the Zero Sum Budget.  What exactly is a zero sum budget?  It’s a budget for your monthly expenses that allots every penny of income, essentially leaving you with zero money in hand at the end of the month.  How does a zero sum budget work?  Well, let’s say that your net income for the month is $2,000 dollars.  After writing down each expense for the month, your cash on hand looks like this: Housing:                $750 Food:                     $200...

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How One Millennial Paid Off $30,000 in Debt

Posted by on 3:30 am in Debt | 1 comment

How did you acquire $30,000 in debt? What did that debt consist of? I got into about $30,000 in student loan debt after I graduated from college. It was half federal loans and half private loans. But it was all a complete surprise! I had no idea I had borrowed that much money each year that I was in college. I’d had a financial aid packaged that seem to “cover everything” – little did I know I was borrowing about $7,000 in debt each year that I was in school. And that added up. What did it feel like to have that much debt? I felt helpless and...

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WKW 48: How to Buy and Sell Internet Businesses with Justin Gilchrist

Posted by on 10:30 am in Career, Podcast | 0 comments

Our guest for today is Justin Gilchrist, a founding partner and growth hacker at Centurica, an agency dedicated to help entrepreneurs and companies purchase internet businesses by giving them intelligent advice, lead generation, and buy side consulting and valuations. Here are some of the highlights of my conversation with Justin • What is an internet company and how Justin got involved in buying and selling businesses online for other people and for himself. • The fundamental differences of an offline business vs. an online business. • How...

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A Comprehensive Guide to Investing for Retirement

Posted by on 3:30 am in Retirement | 0 comments

Okay, so I’ve listened to what you’ve had to say about cutting down my expenses and saving all this money – now what?!  For most people, retirement is the primary function for their investment accounts. This includes IRAs, 401(k)s and their Roth equivalents. It can get quite murky as one tries to sift through the technical jargon and I can honestly say it took me a while to fully understand the difference between all the options for saving for retirement.  Allow me to offer a breakdown of what you need to know. Defined Benefit vs. Defined...

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