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MORE Back to School Savings!

Posted by on 4:51 am in Money | 0 comments

  If you haven’t had the chance to shop for back to school staples just yet, fear not, more markdowns lie ahead!  According to e-commerce data from 250,000 plus retailers, the week of September 9th is the best time to cash in on back to school deals.  That second week of September has 18% more sales than the worst week (the first of July).  Make the most of it by following these back to school savings guidelines.   Comparison Shop.  The big bright signs advertising mega discounts don’t necessarily indicate the best prices.  Do some...

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WKW 043: Inspiring Innovation and Incubating Podcasts with Meron Bareket

Posted by on 7:14 am in Career, Podcast | 1 comment

Our guest for today is Meron Bareket, the host of the Inspiring Innovation podcast and the founder of The Podcast Incubator. He talks to us today about how he came into his online businesses, his pricing strategies and he teaches us a great technique for jump starting your journey into entrepreneurship. Highlights of my conversation with Meron: • Meron shares with us the details about his business, About Inspiring Innovation, a digital magazine which became a podcast site, which aims to guide and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs on how to make...

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When Opportunity Knocks, Be Ready to Act

Posted by on 5:00 am in Goal Setting | 6 comments

Have you trained yourself to recognize when opportunity knocks?  Better yet, have you trained yourself to act, sometimes quickly, when opportunity knocks? As a person who craves routine and schedule, I’m working hard these days to learn to recognize unexpected opportunities, and to be willing to act quickly to make decisions on those opportunities. For instance, we live on a small hobby farm with two horses.  As I drove toward home and by my next-door neighbor’s house the other day, I saw him cutting grass – tall grass.  ...

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WKW 042: From Cubicle to Wilderness: Turning Passion into Business with Fitpacking Founder, Steve Silberberg

Posted by on 9:16 am in Career, Podcast | 3 comments

Most people are influenced to grow and to create a name by great mentors and inspiring people, but our guest for today was moved to become an entrepreneur by unpleasant colleagues. Despite pain and discomfort being his catalyst for change, pursuing this adventure has brought him fun and happiness, and has gotten him the attention of some reality show producers along the way. Our guest for today is Steve Silberberg, the founder of Fitpacking (also marketed as Fatpacking), a company that guides people to lose weight and get fit through...

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Don’t Let the Fine Print Bite You In the Rear

Posted by on 3:30 am in Shopping | 16 comments

After returning from a fabulously indulgent all-inclusive vacation in Mexico last month, I can’t stop fantasizing about what’s next.  Of course my inbox is no help.  Every day there’s some new promotion- hot summer sale, 24-hour madness,  $99 deals!  While I haven’t taken the time to do the smart thing and unsubscribe, I have clicked on some of the promos out of sheer curiosity and a penchant for daydreaming. There was one promo in particular that I couldn’t get over, a six night all-inclusive with airfare for less than $700 per person. ...

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