60: Why You Should Have One Bed & One Bank Account with Derek and Carrie Olsen

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In today’s episode we have Derek and Carrie Olsen who are the authors of “One bed, One Bank Account”. They are currently on a 7 month book tour around the United States and they at the time of this interview they were in Arizona (my home state). What You Will Learn from this episode More about Derek and Carries background Why they titled their book “One Bed, One Bank Account” Examples of how talking about money can improve your relationship Personal experiences they had with respect to talking about money in their...

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Using YouTube to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

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Today we share the story behind YouTube video content creator Lane Fournerat and his family’s journey out of $70,000 in debt. Enjoy! How did you acquire $70,000 in debt? What did that debt consist of? Our $70,000 of debt was $60,000 in student loans, and the rest was a couple of cars and a small credit card. What did it feel like to have that much debt? It felt like a huge burden to have that much debt. You feel like a slave and you feel like all of your hard work and time is spent trying to pay off your master – the lender. I compared...

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Why You Should Take Charge of Your Financial Education

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Too many times, people leave their financial education in the hands of happenstance, circumstance, life lessons or in the hands of limited sources of education. As I learned from personal experience (by having to re-train my mind from the worst financial advice I ever received), it’s a dangerous move to leave the details of your financial education completely in the hands of others – unless you know who those others are and what they believe. There are hundreds – maybe even thousands – of books on the market that claim...

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WKW 59: How to Get a Lower Interest Rate on Your Debt with Dan Macklin

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Today with us we have Dan Macklin who is one of the founding members of SoFi, a marketplace lender that offers student loan refinancing, personal loans and mortgages. He is a thought leader whose perspectives on education debt and personal finance have been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNBC, ABC, Fox Business and Fast Company, as well as his personal favorite, Italian Vogue! What You Will Learn from this episode More about Dan’s background which lead him to start a business with guys he met in college How SoFi get...

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Credit Sesame Review

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Credit Sesame is a financial services company that aims to be uniquely different. In their own words, “Most financial services companies direct customers to focus on investing and don’t address a significant contributor to the wealth equation—the mortgages, loans and credit cards we pay each month. That is where we come in. With our deep expertise in developing bank-level credit and loan analytics, and the belief that transparency and access to financial information are fundamental consumer rights, we established Credit Sesame in 2010.” In...

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