WKW 45: Finding, Buying, Selling the Right Business with Ace Chapman

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If you’re not afraid of taking risks, want to be your own boss and can take on the challenges that entrepreneurship will throw your way, then business ownership may be for you. It can be highly profitable and many people have found success in this field but there are also others who have met failure and wished they had learned some things beforehand. In this episode we have Ace Chapman; a micro private equity investor who has bought and sold over a dozen offline businesses in the last decade. Here we discuss everything from what to look for...

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Reframing Spending: Less Is More

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In my experience, income has been the ultimate social and cultural measure of success.  For some reason, salary serves as the barometer for expertise and achievement rather than actual merit, contribution, capacity for critical thought, or any other factor. According to this superficial and arguably arbitrary measurement, I am an utter failure.  My boyfriend on the other hand, is doing quite well.  Whether he consciously acknowledges it or not, he absolutely buys into the “salary equals” success philosophy.  As such, he is always focused,...

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24 Easy Ways to Save Money at Home

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As we work to reduce our spending, get out of debt and build wealth, I am continually amazed at the never-ending ways there are to save money at home.   We started working to reduce the amount of money we spend on running and living at our home by reviewing and revamping our grocery budget, and it just sort of took off from there.  By researching and studying how people lived long before the Internet and other modern conveniences, we’ve implemented a variety of ways to save money at home by simply getting back to basics. How to Save...

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10 Cheap and Easy Meals

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One of the ways individuals, couples and families waste the most money is on a bloated grocery budget. A lack of planning, a lack of creativity and no knowledge of what things cost at the grocery store can easily double the amount of money one spends on groceries each month. Before our family of six had a solid plan for grocery spending, and before we were tracking our grocery spending, we “thought” we were doing pretty well with our grocery budget. According to this infographic, the average family of four spends roughly $800-$1000 a month on...

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WKW 44: Rainforests, NFL Players, Spider Monkeys and Business Launches with Scott Duffy

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In this episode we have with us Scott Duffy, a bestselling author and speaker, an Angel Investor, a business consultant and the founder and CEO of The Launch Project, a company dedicated to helping millions of people around the world live their dreams through entrepreneurship.  Listen in as we gather practical lessons from acquiring rain-forests, NFL players and spider monkeys! In this podcast, Scott talks about: What an angel investor is and its difference from a venture capitalist. Starting with something that you are totally passionate...

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