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Nails in the Coffin of Your Investment Plan

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While, I don’t believe money alone can buy happiness, it can certainly enable you to spend time doing things that bring happiness. Money provides options and increased flexibility,  and it is also an important predictor of longevity and quality of life. Given money’s essential role in our lives, it is both necessary and wise to spend time evaluating things that can lead us to a bad monetary position. This article does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list, but rather highlight a few common pitfalls to avoid and concepts to contemplate...

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How to Payoff over $500,000 in Debt in One Month

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How did you acquire $560,000 in debt? What did that debt consist of? The $63,000 was all credit card debt. We also had a mortgage totaling nearly $500,000. The short version is I bought an expensive home just as my business income was about to drop off a cliff. Why did I take the plunge and buy a house in 2010 when the real estate crisis was still going strong? For starters, we were beyond tired with the rental home we had been living in since 2001. We had been working hard all our lives, and figured in our 50s it was time to acquire a nice...

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4 Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Business

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It seems that everyone one looks these days, experts are touting the benefits of owning your own business. Business ownership definitely has its upsides. Dreaming about leaving the rat race and doing your own thing often sounds like the answer to all world work hassles, and there’s a reason for that. Working for “the man” means you follow his schedule; working for yourself means you make your own Working for an employer often limits your income; working for yourself gives you the freedom to pay yourself more Working for an employer means your...

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Stacking Benjamins Takes Time, It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

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Today, Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamins fame shares the some truths about business ownership with us, and shares what people often don’t know about the work that goes into owning your own business. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. My name is Joe Saul-Sehy. I can talk about a number of small businesses, but my blog and podcast, Stacking Benjamins, was born because I have expertise in the field of financial planning and love to talk all things money. I was/have been a financial advisor for 16 years, a blogger for five...

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WKW 55: How to Start Investing in Real Estate with J Massey

Posted by on 3:30 am in Podcast, Real Estate | 2 comments

Our guest for this episode is J. Massey, an Active Real Estate “Investorpreneur”, developer, sales coach and problem solver. J. is well-known for providing best in class advice and strategies to help both new and experienced investors. He currently owns a wide variety of real estate properties and has completed hundreds of real estate transactions in eight different states. He also owns and runs the Cashflow Diary website and podcast. J. also authored the book Cash Flow Diary: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth in Any Economy, and is currently...

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