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Student Loan Interest Rates Double Overnight

By on Jul 1, 2013 in College, Debt | 11 comments

I remember when we were paying off our debt, my student loans had the lowest interest rate of all of our debt. I believe they were around 2.74 percent. However, times have changed. Overnight the  interest rates on federally subsidized Stafford loans doubled, going from 3.4% to 6.8% after congress was unable to reach a deal. There is a chance that this will get...

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5 Tips for Living a Fun College Lifestyle and Staying out of Debt

By on Oct 19, 2012 in Budget, College, Debt | 13 comments

Creatively managing resources is essential if you want to have more fun with shopping, socializing, and enjoying down time. Just as time management is a huge factor, so is budgeting the bill! You need to juggle resources to pay for the cost of living, books, student loans, and still have money left to kick back and rejuvenate doing something fun. Shopping wisely,...

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Start Up – Finance Class for Young Adults

By on Sep 14, 2012 in College, Debt, Emergency Fund | 2 comments

  Start Up is an 8 week class that I created to reach Young Adults with the message of how to manage money well. The average young adult in America starts his/her professional career in the negative and it is my goal to help them Start Up. If you are under 35 and looking to get a handle on your finances this class is for you. In the class I will teach you the 7...

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What I Learned from a Group of College Students

By on Aug 10, 2012 in Budget, College | 6 comments

This past week I had the privilege to talk to a group of roughly 100 college students about managing money. I was impressed with their interest in the topic and not once did I see someone fall asleep. They were engaged and asked some really tough questions. Here is what I learned from them: Budgeting is becoming more common – Almost 50% of them have a budget!...

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Street Performer Raises Money for School Tuition

By on Jun 11, 2012 in College, Debt | 0 comments

While we were in Vegas this past weekend, we saw a man performing on the street. He had a sign that said “Trying to Pay For Tuition, Anything Helps.” With student loan debt in the United States over $1 Trillion, I found this guy to be inspiring. Here is a guy that is using his talents to make money to pay for school. I admire someone who has the...

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How to Graduate College Without Any Debt

By on May 14, 2012 in College, Debt | 3 comments

According to a recent study by the Project on Student Debt, the average college student will graduate with $25,250 in student loans. According to FinAid.org, there is more than $1 Trillion in student loan debt outstanding. In fact, there is now more student loan debt than there is credit card debt in the United States. So obviously there is a trend to borrow money...

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