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How a Young Woman Paid off $28,000 in Debt in Just Three Years

By on Feb 11, 2015 in Debt | 0 comments

Today we welcome Zina, a twenty-something writer and speaker, to share her story of paying off $28,000 in debt in just three years.  Enjoy! Tell us about yourself: I graduated from college in 2011 with a degree in journalism  I’ve worked for various newspapers, covered the Final Four and NBA Draft and worked for the AP.  Now I own a blog, Debt Free After...

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How One Woman Paid off $35,000 During a Job Layoff

By on Feb 4, 2015 in Debt | 3 comments

Today we welcome renowned author, speaker and blogger, Tiffany Aliche, from The Budgetnista, to share her debt payoff story. Tiffany took a dire debt situation and not only paid off the debt, but used the lessons learned from her experience to start her own business. Today, Tiffany helps tens of thousands of people learn to manage money and life with her blog and...

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Debt Doesn’t Have to be Forever

By on Jan 29, 2015 in Debt | 5 comments

When my wife and I got married, we combined our finances and we realized that we had $52,000 in debt outside of our mortgage. This seemed like a huge number at the time and that it would take forever to pay it off, however, that wasn’t the case. If you want to change, you have to put yourself in an atmosphere where you can change. So we decided to study people who...

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How Two Teachers Paid off $92,000 in Debt

By on Jan 28, 2015 in Debt | 3 comments

Welcome back for another debt success story!  Today we feature Bryant and Emily Adler, who recently became debt free, to share their story.  Enjoy! Tell us a bit about yourself: Our names are Bryant and Emily Adler. We are both teachers in Tennessee. We have been married about 2.5 years. We love to travel, cook, and spend time with family and friends. We have a...

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How a Young Family of 4 Paid Off $40,000 in Debt

By on Jan 21, 2015 in Debt | 1 comment

Today we share a debt success story from Sarah, who, along with her husband, paid off tens of thousands of dollars in debt! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a wife and work-from-home mom to two little girls, ages 2 and 1. I love personal finance and anything involving making or saving money! I run my own personal finance blog, The...

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