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Do you have an audience that you would like to be encouraged and inspired when it comes to managing money? If so, send me an email with the details as I would be glad to come share how we paid of $52,000 in 18 months and how others can do the same.

Where I have spoken

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Speaking Topics

How to Develop a Financial Game Plan

This 60 minute presentation will give people the tools and resources they need to get their financial house in order. It includes:

– The importance of a Starter Emergency Fund

– How to eliminate consumer debt quickly

– The impact of purchasing large ticket items

– How to earn extra cash on the side

– How to negotiate a lower price for products and services.

How to Get Your Spouse on the Same Page

This 60 minute presentation will provide insight on how to get their spouse on the same page to help them achieve their financial goals. It includes:

– Why it is important for couples to share the same vision

– Techniques to get your spouse on the same page

– Brief overview of psychology when it comes to money

– Forms to put together a Financial Game Plan and Eliminate Debt (if applicable)

Other Topics

I can also speak on a wide variety of topics tailored to your needs. Some examples include: entrepreneurship  Search Engine Optimization, How to create and Monetize a blog, as well as many others. If you have a topic that you would be interested in having me speak about, please send me an email at deacon@wellkeptwallet.com.